Affordable Traditional Braces in Acworth

Learn more about the orthodontic option that’s remained the consistent choice for patients through the years. Traditional metal braces are one of our most popular braces treatments, and they’ve only gotten sleeker and more effective over their lifetime.

Our metal braces feature heat-activated arch wires. Developed by NASA, this space-worthy metal responds to the heat in your mouth to help the arch wire stretch back into its natural form. This makes metal braces more comfortable for our patients, and it means fewer appointments as well. Traditional braces tend to be the most durable and predictable of the options we have when it comes to getting the results you desire.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Group of culturally diverse teenagers with traditional braces

Braces slowly straighten your teeth over time as the metal braces are tightened. This treatment offers improved comfort, appearance and timelines.The sleek bracket systems are safer and more convenient for patients, and kids especially have fun personalizing the bands with a choice of colors. 

It’s the most affordable option, but it’s also the most noticeable. Patients with more complex cases are also better suited for traditional braces.

We’ll begin by outlining a comprehensive braces plan with you. The metal braces are then made with custom impressions before being bonded to your teeth. There may be some general soreness as the teeth adjust, but over-the-counter pain relief medication typically helps.

Through every step of your journey at Braces Braces in Acworth, please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions or concerns.

Your regular follow-up appointments will happen every six to eight weeks to make adjustments and check progress. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene and avoid certain foods that can damage your brackets and wires while you’re wearing braces.

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