Affordable Traditional Braces in Alpharetta

Today’s updated metal bracket systems are among the most popular and affordable options for patients of all ages. Braces can fix a number of orthodontic issues and gently shift your teeth to a straighter alignment over time. 

The new, smaller designs are sleeker than previous iterations, and colorful bands create trendy looks for kids. These state-of-the-art metal braces are for teens and adults, too. New technology developed by NASA is used in today’s arch wires, making the metal braces you can get now more comfortable and more effective than ever before.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Group of culturally diverse teenagers with traditional braces

Braces gradually straighten the teeth as the metal braces are tightened over time. This treatment improves the appearance and function of your smile. It’s improved over the years with faster timelines, more efficiency, and better scheduling flexibility. Patients benefit from the sleek bracket systems—it’s our most recommended option for more complex orthodontic cases as well.

Traditional braces are the least expensive option, but the metal material means they are also the most visible. If braces are right for you, we’ll begin developing a custom treatment plan at your very first consultation. The small brackets are then bonded to your teeth and connected by wires at the following appointments. 

Kids can also enjoy customizing the bands with a variety of colors, all available at our fun, family-friendly office space.

Your adjustment appointments will be scheduled every six to eight weeks to check progress. It’s important to prioritize good oral hygiene with braces and avoid certain foods while you’re going through orthodontic treatment.

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