Affordable Traditional Braces in Atlanta

Traditional braces continue to be the top choice for orthodontic treatment. Our Atlanta office serves patients of all ages, although metal braces are most common with kids and teens. As one of the first of their kind, traditional metal braces are a reliable way to straighten teeth—with the added benefit of only becoming more comfortable and more effective through dental tech advancements over the years.

In particular, our braces feature metal originally engineered for space. We use heat-activated technology developed by NASA to help arch wires move back into their original form once in your mouth. That makes current metal braces better for our patients, and it means fewer appointments as well. These tend to be the most predictable of the options we have when it comes to getting the results you desire.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Group of culturally diverse teenagers with traditional braces

Braces improve the function of the teeth, mouth and jaws, and enhance the appearance of your smile. Traditional braces in particular are more effective on certain complex cases.

These braces are made with stainless steel, which means they’re strong and durable. The sleek bracket systems are easier to brush and floss around than in years past, and kids can also customize their treatment with a rainbow of available band colors!

Starting with your first consultation, we’ll help determine if metal braces are right for you and begin developing a personalized treatment plan that uses custom impressions to bond the orthodontic hardware to your teeth. Braces work by gradually straightening the teeth as the metal braces are tightened over time.

If you’re interested in more affordability with trusted results, traditional orthodontic treatment with the lower associated braces costs may be the right option for you.

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