Affordable Traditional Braces in Marietta

Even though we call them ‘traditional,’ metal braces have kept up with the latest advancements in dental technology to continue holding onto the number one spot. This is our most popular—and most affordable—option. Traditional braces feature state-of-the-art materials that include fun, colorful bands and heat-activated hardware originally created by NASA. 

Braces Braces is one of the top orthodontic providers in Marietta – East Cobb. We’ve guided hundreds of patients to achieve the smile they want with traditional braces. Our team will help determine if this is the best option for you by considering the degree of straightening required, the length of expected treatment, age, personal preferences, lifestyles, budget and more.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Group of culturally diverse teenagers with traditional braces

Traditional braces give you a straight smile through adjustment appointments. This is when the braces are tightened to gently align the teeth over time. These visits occur every six to eight weeks; the current technology available with metal braces allows for more scheduling flexibility, which can help families who have busy schedules. While treatment time varies by patient, you can generally expect to have braces between 18 to 24 months.

There are many advantages to traditional metal braces. For more complex cases, we recommend metal braces because of their reputation for trusted corrective results and comprehensive care. The sleek bracket systems are adhered effectively and comfortably to the teeth, making them a good option for many patients. Traditional braces are also usually less expensive than other options.

We place these braces using custom impressions. When compared to Invisalign or clear braces, metal braces are the least discreet option. Generally, this type of braces is more common with kids and teens than adults for this reason.

Braces improve the function and appearance of the teeth. There may be some general soreness as the teeth adjust at first, but it shouldn’t last long and over-the-counter pain relief helps in the meantime. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns.

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