Affordable Traditional Braces in McDonough

For many of the patients at our orthodontist office in McDonough, Georgia, traditional braces remain the tried-and-true best option. Metal braces have come a long way over the years. In fact, our braces use a special metal developed by NASA that responds to the heat in your mouth, guiding the arch wire to settle into the optimal spot to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces have only become sleeker and more comfortable. If you’re considering braces for yourself or your child, come in and visit the leading providers of the most popular orthodontic treatments in the Atlanta area. This treatment is available for patients of all ages.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Group of culturally diverse teenagers with traditional braces

Our McDonough office offers both corrective treatments and improved appearances with comprehensive traditional braces plans. We consider your lifestyle, age and preference, along with braces costs and timelines, when deciding if this is the right option for your needs.

When compared to Invisalign or clear braces, traditional braces costs are typically much lower. With that being said, this type of braces also comes with a more noticeable appearance. 

Metal braces are made with stainless steel for sleek bracket systems and heat-activated arch wires. This results in faster timelines and more effective treatments than in past versions of braces, which also means more scheduling flexibility. Treatment time typically lasts between 18 to 24 months with patients needing to come in to check progress and make adjustments around every two months.

Once braces are bonded to the teeth, you can protect your oral health and orthodontic equipment by brushing and flossing thoroughly and staying away from foods that can damage your brackets and wires. Our office also provides a complimentary whitening treatment after braces are removed!

For patients with more complicated cases, traditional braces provide trusted results. For kids and teens, the bands for metal braces come in a variety of colors to allow for a fun version of creative expression. Talk to us today to see if braces are right for you or your child!

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