Affordable Braces

Here’s How to Find Affordable Braces

At Braces Braces, we’re committed to providing treatments that fit in your budget because we believe in affordable orthodontic care. Everyone deserves a straight, healthy smile. 

Has your dentist recommended braces for your child? Or have you always wanted braces? If so, one of the most common concerns is wondering how you can afford them. We’re here to help because we believe every patient deserves access to orthodontic care. 

Achieve the smile you want, whether it fixes appearance, function or a combination of both. There are many ways to find affordable braces. Check out these money-saving tips for treatment that won’t break the bank:

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Take a few hours to look around. This is the first step to finding affordable braces. Comparison shopping also helps familiarize patients with the different treatment options, while you’re searching for the best prices in the Atlanta area. Don’t necessarily take the very first quote you get. Rather, call a few places and check websites so you can compare prices. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t necessarily choose the lowest price on braces. Ultimately, you need to balance quality with cost.

This is why a bonus of looking around is also seeing what people in the community are saying about an orthodontist or practice. You can find out which offices are offering braces that fit within your budget, and also who is worth your time. At Braces Braces, we’re proud to serve our community and the reviews speak for themselves. (So, feel free to go on and check them out while shopping for pricing!) 

Get in Touch With Your Insurer

Although many people think of braces as a cosmetic treatment, it can be medically necessary in a lot of cases. Even if orthodontic treatments aren’t completely critical right away, there are multiple long-term oral health benefits. In particular, treatments can help you avoid bite issues and TMJ disorder. And long term, fixing an issue now can prevent your teeth from rubbing against each other in a way that wears down the enamel and leads to cavities in the future.

Some insurance companies are willing to cover part of the cost, especially for children. You can contact your insurer to find out more about your coverage options and the details of what your individual plan covers. Our practice accepts most major insurance providers.

Decide on a Treatment

It’s important to choose the treatment that’s right for you. Braces Braces offers services that include traditional braces, clear braces and Invisalign aligners. Traditional metal braces are often our most cost-effective option. Invisalign typically runs at a slightly higher price. 

When deciding on a treatment, we discuss goals, timelines, costs and more during your free initial consultation. There are a number of factors to consider for your teeth and cost is just one of them. Our team takes into account all of this when coming up with your custom treatment plan.

Look for Discounts

There’s nothing better than finding a discount that saves you some money! Our practice offers multiple discounts and benefits to help patients achieve more affordable braces. Here are the discounts we offer, which are also what we recommend you look for while researching orthodontic offices:

Pay for Treatment Upfront

While searching for affordable braces, keep in mind that many offices offer discounts for paying in cash or paying upfront. Even if the discount is only for a small percentage of the total cost, it can add up and ultimately save you a lot of money. 

If you’re able to, paying for the treatment in full can offer discounts up to $1,000. Even if an orthodontist doesn’t advertise this type of discount, it’s still worth asking about it.

Consider Multiple Family Members

When you’re looking for affordable braces, you may not immediately think of buying in bulk, but in fact, you can often save money by getting braces for multiple people in your family. Orthodontists often offer discounts if you bring multiple children or siblings to the same clinic. Another option is making it a parent/child treatment and getting braces alongside your child! 

Simultaneous treatments can end up saving you money in the end. If you expect to need braces for multiple people in your family, consider looking into who is offering multi-family member discounts.

Check on Referrals

While shopping for an orthodontist, many people ask their friends and family about their experiences. If that’s something you do, see if you both can get a referral discount for it. At our office, it’s as easy as using your friend as a referral when you come in for a consultation.

Apply for Financing

In cases where you can’t afford to pay for the braces upfront, you have the option of applying for financing. Some creditors offer special lines of credit that are solely for health care expenses, such as orthodontic treatments with braces or Invisalign. The creditor pays the orthodontist, and you then make reasonable monthly payments to the creditor until the bill is paid off. You can check and see if they offer zero-interest payments as well. Some orthodontic offices are also willing to offer financing.

At Braces Braces, we offer interest-free payments with zero-down over a 24-month period. If your child’s orthodontic treatment is going to take longer than two years, we also offer extended financing with low interest rates over a five-year period. Our in-house financing option is also available without a credit check.

Our goal is to help you receive treatment, which is why we offer multiple discounts and financing options to make that a reality.

Consider Government Programs

You may also want to look into government funded programs. For instance, Medicaid often covers the cost of orthodontic treatment if it’s deemed necessary to support or restore oral structures and health. This can help make braces more affordable, so we recommend checking to see if you qualify for government assistance.

Finding Affordable Braces in Atlanta

There are a lot of choices out there. It can feel overwhelming not only trying to find a practice you trust, but an affordable one as well. For patients in metro Atlanta, Braces Braces prioritizes your patient care with a full comprehensive approach to orthodontic care. Find a practice that works with you, our team makes sure you’re happy with a treatment plan that’s affordable for your family.

We offer multiple discounts and affordable in-house financing. We also work with a wide range of insurance companies. Consider our office if you’re looking for affordable braces in Atlanta because we can help—and we truly want to help. Set up a consultation or contact us today by calling (770) 222-2322 to learn more.