Celebrating Women in Orthodontics at Braces Braces in Atlanta

Unlike many medical fields today, orthodontia is a female-dominated area of practice. However, that wasn’t always the case. Through the past 100 years, orthodontia is just one of the areas in which women have fought their way to the top. In the last century, women have made countless contributions and discoveries to build the world of orthodontics we know today.
In fact, the first recorded woman orthodontist dates back to England in the 1700s! Today, women in orthodontics have built a community of female doctors who lead their own practices, mentor new orthodontists, and change the lives of patients all over the world.

Women Orthodontists in History

Female orthodontists have their fair share of industry trailblazers. One of the earliest notable women in orthodontics was Dr. Carrie Gertrude Locke, who was a founding member of the American Society of Orthodontists in 1901. Today, this organization is known as the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Gayle Glenn became the first female president of the organization in 2013. Four years later, Dr. Nahid Maleki became the second. Dr. Courtney Dunn founded Women in Orthodontics, a worldwide online community for female orthodontists. Two more trailblazing women include Dr. Valmy Kulbersh, the first female president of the American Board of Orthodontics, and Dr. Nan Wickwire, who first chaired an orthodontic department in 1976!

The Women of Braces Braces

Our practice is no stranger to the contributions women make to the world of orthodontics. At Braces Braces, we are proud to have some of the top female orthodontists in Atlanta on our team. We also have many women who serve on our team as clinicians, administrative professionals and more. Our office operates on teamwork and understanding that every person brings something special to the table. We are incredibly proud to work with these women in orthodontia each day:

Dr. Farah Kar

Dr. Farah Kar, partner and owner of Braces Braces, is certified to practice in the U.S. and Canada. She earned her degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and has won multiple excellence awards. Dr. Kar is also one of the top Invisalign providers in the Southeast!

Dr. Lauren Gordon

Dr. Lauren Gordon earned her bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Howard University, then went on to get a Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science degree in oral science at the University of Illinois. She is an expert board certified orthodontist at Braces Braces.

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