The COVID-19 Vaccine and Your Orthodontic Care at Braces Braces in Atlanta

The COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out rapidly across the state of Georgia. Now, it is accessible to everybody in the state over age 16. Orthodontists and other medical workers were part of the first phase of vaccinations, which means our team at Braces Braces has luckily had ample access to the vaccine. When it comes to getting vaccinated, our employees are encouraged to do so but ultimately make the decision that makes most sense for themselves and their families. We recommend the same approach for our patients!

Will the Vaccine Affect Your Orthodontic Experience?

If you have visited our office during the last year, you know that some changes were put in place due to COVID-19. With the arrival of the vaccine, there are some things to look forward to as we move into the future.

Benefits of the Vaccine

According to the CDC, benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine include:

  • It will help keep you from getting COVID-19
  • If you do get COVID-19, the symptoms are less severe
  • Your vaccination helps protect people around you, particularly those most at risk
  • After full vaccination, you can start being more social and active
  • You can stop wearing masks outdoors or with other vaccinated people
  • Each vaccination helps the U.S. move towards “herd immunity,” which lessens the chance of another mass COVID-19 outbreak.

Changes to Your Orthodontic Care

The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine does not mean we’ve stopped taking safety precautions at Braces Braces. We will continue to sanitize our lobby regularly and carefully clean every station after each patient visit. If you are vaccinated, we still request that every visitor wear a mask unless they are receiving treatment. Our orthodontists and staff will continue maintaining distance, monitoring their health, and staying home if they don’t feel well. Additionally, we still ask that patients reschedule visits if they feel unwell. We hope that the vaccination rollout means you will continue gaining reasonable confidence in resuming “normalcy,” like attending your routine orthodontist visits!

Contact Braces Braces With More Questions!

If you’re still unsure how to proceed with your orthodontic care in regards to COVID-19, vaccine news, or any other health-related concerns, our team is happy to talk through your thoughts together. Our goal is to make sure every patient feels safe and confident throughout their entire experience with Braces Braces. We are proud to offer trustworthy, affordable orthodontic care to families in Atlanta and the surrounding area.
If you’re ready to start your orthodontic journey, or would simply like to speak with a member of our team today, we’re here to help! Give us a call at 770-222-2322 or fill out our online contact form to get started.